The Bradys are the all American family and they love football.
 Here are the times football made it into a Brady Bunch episode.

#28.  The Treasure of Sierra Avenue.
The boys find $1100 in the park while playing football.

#40.  The Drummer Boy
Peter catches grief from his football team for also being in the glee club.  
Deacon Jones drops by to lend his support.

#60. Click
 Greg is on the football team until he cracks a rib, then becomes the team photographer.

#90. The Subject Was Noses
 Marcia breaks her nose after being hit by a football thrown by Peter attempted for Bobby.

#96.  Mail Order Hero
Bobby tells his friends that Joe Namath is a friend of the family.
 The show ends with Joe throwing passes in the backyard.

#101 Getting Greg's Goat
Greg and his football teammates steal the rival school's mascot before the big game.

#102.  The Cincinnati Kids
Greg plays the football toss game at the amusement park.

#103.  Quarterback Sneak
Rival Quarterback Jerry Rogers tries to steal Greg's playbook.

Football and "Brady" are together again as New England Patriots' star Tom Brady is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Learn the connection between Tom Brady and the Brady Bunch.

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