Here are some of the times that food entered into the plot of "The Brady Bunch."

#1  "The Honeymoon"
Mike puts too much sugar in his coffee.  The wedding cake falls on Mike's face.

#8  "The Grass is Always Greener"
Mike flops at giving the girls cooking lessons

#12 "A Camping We Will Go"
The girls bring "sissy food" like fried chicken to the family camping trip.

#20  "Brace Yourself"
Marcia refuses her favorite meal, spaghetti, after she gets braces.

#21.  "The Big Sprain"
Jan offers Alice one of her famous peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

#27  "The Babysitters"
Mike and Carol attempt to go out to dinner.

#29  "The Un-Underground Movie"
The family feasts on a Thanksgiving dinner for Greg's school project film.

#31  "Confessions, Confessions"
The family is eating dinner while the vase that Peter broke starts leaking

#35.  "Fistful of Reasons"
Peter uses a steak to help his black eye.

#44  "The Liberation of Marcia Brady"
Peter sells cookies door to door as a Sunflower girl.

#46  "The Winner"
Bobby enters an ice cream eating contest.

#51  "The Brady Braves"
Bobby and Cindy sneak hot dogs and baked beans in a flashlight for their friend.

#54  "The Personality Kid"
Peter requests pork chops and apple sauce for dinner.

#62  "Little Big Man"
Bobby and Greg get stuck in Sam's meat locker

#65 "The Big Bet"
Bobby pigs out on three slices of pizza and popcorn while at the drive-in theater with Greg and his date Rachel.  

#66  "Jan's Aunt Jenny"
Jenny prepares a traditional Japanese dinner for the family.

#69  "Sergeant Emma"
Emma serves the family meals Army-style.

#70  "The Fender Benders"
Bobby and Cindy are fighting over who spilled ice cream in the back seat of the car while Carol gets in a car accident.

#74  "The Tiki Caves"
The Hawaii trilogy ends with a luau.

#78  "Career Fever"
Bobby requests that Alice mash up his food like the astronauts.

#79  "Law and Disorder"  
Cindy offers Bobby cheese, since "rats eat cheese."

#80  "Jan the Only Child"
Carol and Alice each make preserves.

#82  "You Can't Win 'Em All"
While Cindy is preparing for her television appearance, she refuses her favorite dinner swiss steak and spaghetti and requests a small salad.

#83  "Goodbye Alice Hello"
Marcia and Greg refuse some "great peaches" from Alice.  Alice gets a job at a greasy spoon where she changes Marcia and Jan's orders to fruit cups.  

#89.  "Greg Gets Grounded"
After Greg mistakenly takes Bobby's and Peter's frogs to the drive-in, Carol exclaims a new food was invented--"Pepperoni Frog Pizza."

#96 "Mail Order Hero"
Concerned over telling all his friends that Joe Namath has dinner with the Bradys whenever he is in town, Bobby turns down his favorite dessert, brownies.

#99    "Never Too Young"
The girls and Bobby are eating pancakes while awaiting a call from Millicent to learn if she has mumps.  

#100  "Peter and the Wolf"
At the drive-in, Peter spills popcorn on his date.  Mike and Carol and Greg, Peter and their dates end up at the same pizza parlor.  

#102  "The Cincinnati Kids"
Bobby and Cindy pig out on a variety of junk food at the amusement park.

#103  "Quarterback Sneak"
Marcia offers Jerry Rogers a glass of lemonade.

#104  "Marcia Gets Creamed"
Marcia, Peter, and Jan work at an ice cream parlor.  Marcia sprays whipped cream on Jeff.  The episode ends with Peter getting a job at a pizza parlor.

#108  "The Driver's Seat"
Mike uses an egg on a pylon to determine who is a better driver--Marcia or Greg.

#109  "Miss Popularity"
Alice makes special fortune cookies for Jan's election campaign.  At the end of the episode, Alice offers a hi-cal or low-cal dessert.

#111  "Two Petes in a Pod"
We learn that Peter is allergic to cherry pie.

#112  "Welcome Aboard"
The episode ends in a pie fight.

#114.  "The Hustler"
Bobby wins 256 packs of gum from Mr. Matthews.


In an early episode Cindy wonders why Carol always makes her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Carol answers "because you love them."  Cindy says, "Oh yeah I keep forgetting."

Greg pigs out on a triple-decker sandwich in one episode.  

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