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Courtesy of Susan Funaro-Chamberlain

Brady House 2003
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     I wasn't sure if you knew the shooting location of the Brady Bunch house and some of its history. The house used for the long shots exterior or street views was on Dilling Street in North Hollywood. I grew up next door to the Brady house which was owned by Louise Carson, daughter to the Weddingtons who owned most of the San Fernando Valley. Louise customed designed the home and her husband Kit Carson was a contractor and built it on the oddly shaped lot which resembled a pie slice.

     There is no upstairs to the "real" home; it's a tri-level model. The lot between the Brady house and 11234 Dilling (my house) was originally an empty lot and part of the west property line of the Brady house. Louise Carson was delighted to have her custom designed and built home featured in the weekly series and many looky loos drove by and took pictures of the site.

     Our neighbors to the west of 11234 Dilling was Michael MacDonald of Doobie Brothers fame. Oddly enough we saw more stars -- Aaron Neville, Diana Ross, etc-- coming in limos to Mike's house than we ever saw filming at the Brady house. Most of the Brady scenes were filmed in studio and most of the footage for the exterior shots were filmed in one or two days per broadcast year.

Here's a 3-D CAD rendering of the house created by Scott Golla of Eugene, OR.

October 6, 2006

To buy the Brady house today, it would cost around one-million dollars!


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